Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just another Bravo bitch

It began with a pause between flipping channels:  there they were -- the New York cast, season one.  I don't know what caught my attention or why I didn't continue up or down the dial to something else.

I'd heard about the OC cast, but I'm from California and they failed to impress -- not even enough for me to try it out.

Maybe it was my love of New York City that tuned my frequencies into the NY cast.  For whatever reason, they were only the beginning.  I now watch NY, NJ, Atlanta, and Beverly Hills.  I still can't stomach the OC, so I won't be commenting on that (I think), nor DC or Miami.

My shtick is Photoshopping ... not deep humor, not terribly intellectual, just some fun ... I hope you enjoy!

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